La Grange Guest Book

We invite our guests to tell us something about their experience of staying in La Grange, and any of the things they did in the area. Here are some snippets from the Guest Book, you can read the originals when you stay with us!

“La Grange is everything we could hope for and more. Thouroughly enjoyed the raspberries and blackberries” - Family Carney (Australia)

"La Grange is very well equipped and comfortable, especially the bed" - Family Betts

"We all enjoyed the châteaux, although there were too many to visit in one week" - Family Halliwell

"Lots of good food: crevettes to make you drool, and wine of course!" - Family Maggs-Wellings
"We have been very lucky weather-wise, and spent many hours in your beautiful garden and orchard. The red squirrels are quite a novelty for us." - Family Towning

"Partir, c'est mourir un peu." - Familie Bouma

"We two dogs have had lots of walks as usual" - Pupple & Corel Landeryou